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About deKARL

Our online universe is a part of our store, located in Gravensgade 21 in Aalborg, Denmark.
We strive to make our online universe a true illusion of our store, the same minimalistic approach and the same designers. 

Our Store located in Aalborg

Location – Gravensgade 21 – Aalborg.

Gravensgade is a pedestrian street in Aalborg Centrum. The street was built around 1550 on the ramparts along Vesterå, which was part of the city’s fortification. In the 1930s Gravensgade and Vesterå were a main thoroughfare to the Ponton Bridge until the Vesterbro street break-in and the Limfjord bridge were inaugurated. Gravensgade was inaugurated as Aalborg’s first pedestrian street in October 1963 under the slogan “Go in the shopping zone – Go in Gravensgade”. 

Gravensgade houses a number of independent shops. In 2011 Gravensgade became a “Green Street” that focuses a lot on the environment and energy.

The making of deKARL

I spent more then two years, planning my biggest dream – my own univers. 
I have never been the type, who needs a lot of different outfits, but i always appriciated good quality. My dream is to inspire you to buy less, but better. It’s better for you, it’s better for our enviroment and our future. 
The brands we represent in our store, is handpicked through many years of experience and a deep passion for good quality. 

We will always do our best, to give you a good experience – offline aswell as online. 

Our Team

We are a small local team of 2 people – Mikkel & Karl.

Together we are managing the physical store and our online store. We both have a deep passion for clothing and lifestyle items, but we represent different styles and different taste in brands. 

We enjoy feedback, so feel free to reach out to us on our social media or by mail. 

Thank you for your support!